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Land Of Opposite

I went to bed quite late last night,

Thankfully I had a dream

You will probably think it's a great, big lie,

Nothing that could be foreseen.


I left the Earth in a giant rocket,

It was bright red and green,

I travelled to the Land of Opposite,

Where no one had ever been.


When I arrived at this small planet,

I saw something really strange,

The people who lived there had two heads,

And there was a quiet gannet!


I saw some huge, annoying fleas jumping not so high,

I saw they were eating something,

It looked like strawberry pie!


But of course it couldn't be strawberry pie,

it smelt so horribly bad,

It didn't really matter,

So I left the fleas with a giant sigh.


I wondered to myself, 'What's the time?'

So I looked at a nearby clock, The clock was so very strange, The hand was going backwards, The shape of it oh so weird,

The numbers went the other way,

This was enough to make my day!


I left the place as fast as I could,

It was too strange for my liking,

I didn't even get to see the very tiny Viking!


I woke up with a start and suddenly shouted, 'Mother!'

Until I finally realised I'm drowning in my cover!

by Charlie Cave (10)
Bawdsey CEVC Primary School - Suffolk

Competition - Once Upon A Dream

Copyright remains with the author.