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Nursery Dreams

My bed is like a raft on the sea

As I sleep I sail to see...

Little Red Riding Hood staring back at me!


She smiles and giggles,

We are having so much fun

Until the big bad wolf turns up and we run

'Where are those pigs?' he grumbles on

'I will huff and I will puff...'

But before he can pounce,

Old Mother Hubbard starts to shriek

As something big flies down the street.


'Fe fi fo fum, I smell the blood of... Wolf!

No, no, that's not right, where is that little boy?

He stole my gaggle, I will destroy!'


I need to escape to a safer place!

I run forward and down I fall

Down, down, down... I see Alice, one and all

Her tears are loud, they crash around!

My raft upturns...

Under the covers I dash,

My friends gone in a flash


The morning has come

Off to nursery, I run!

by Thalia W (9)
St Osmund's Catholic Primary School - London

Competition - Once Upon A Dream

Copyright remains with the author.