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Once Upon A Summer Day

Once upon a summer day,
Birds moved in a musical way,
Their wings fluttered very high,
All the way to the sky,
On the ground the flowers grew,
All beautiful colours red, orange and blue,
Bees were busy making honey,
And the weather was good; nice and sunny.

I lay on my sun bed soaking up the rays,
Oh what a wonderful world, when you're on your
Everyone slows down because there's no rush,
I cool myself down with a raspberry slush.
It gets hotter and hotter and I need to get cool,
Time for some fun, let's jump in the pool.
It's refreshing and quiet when I go for a swim,
But not for long when my brother and sister jump in.

Lots to do and plenty to eat,
At night the music has everyone dancing to the beat,
Family time is really the best,
We all love to have a well deserved rest.
Time goes so fast, I wish we could stay,
'Oh what a wonderful world when you're on your

by Lois Yapp (10)
Churchtown Primary School - Merseyside

Competition - Once Upon A Dream

Copyright remains with the author.