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Dragon Dream

Through the mists of my dream

I flew high above

A small village where lived

A small boy named Tom.

He was part of a religion called Inferno

With mythical beasts and legends from dreams.


With every Inferno came a legend -

A legend where he or she would find five

Fierce dragons with each a riddle to tell,

A riddle that sometimes would end in woe.


First came Kartoth, the dragon of war

He was said to have lived in a cave

On the side of a cloud-teasing mountain

Where the eagles flew high and soared.


Then came Heranfang, the dragon of peace

He resided below the golden sweeping corn

It was beside a great and glorious kingdom,

Towers tall and terrifying like shards of ice.


Then came Gardeul, the dragon of night

He lived in the shadows not to be seen,

When the moon controlled the skies

He was seen faintly in the metallic gloom.


Ifendroch was next and he was not welcome

For he spread diseases and famine and death,

He lived nowhere and everywhere, you could

never tell -

Under your skin, in your ear or sometimes in a smell.


Last came Farmus who loved to eat

He gorged on food and swallowed many drinks,

He commanded the harvests and decided who survived

If he chose it, he could will it, that many could die.


Kartoth, Heranfang, Ifendroch, Gardeul and Farmus

Each of these dragons have a riddle to tell,

When answered correctly, Gutrath would admit you

A place known as Heaven and a long way from Hell.


But just as it's starting and the riddle is said

I wake up to find myself alone in my bed.

However I try, I cannot get back

But I know the dragons were there in my head.

by Jack Ravenscroft (10)
Hugo Meynell CEVC Primary School - Berkshire

Competition - Once Upon A Dream

Copyright remains with the author.