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The buildings slept in the purple night

the wind whistled through the day

I stood up cold

and disappeared into the sky

I could fly.


Stars attached to the black ceiling

like spiders

the clouds sat in the jewelled sky

a giant smile was expected

I could soar through the sky.


The city crouched under my body

can you see me in your mind's eye?

Tall buildings towering

an exciting experience

could you see me take flight?


When I flew my aspirations left me

there was nothing more to be

the sky was as dark as a devil's soul

I ascended into the sky

do you believe I can fly?


The moon glowed like hot metal

I was a mouse to the people below

the wind froze my feet

but it was all just a dream.


Buildings slept on sloped mountains

the wind hummed

a night-time melody

as I flew further into the sky

I truly believed I could fly.

by Rafael Kaim Deen (10)
Aldersbrook Primary School - London

Competition - Once Upon A Dream

Copyright remains with the author.