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Time Traveller

In my dreams I fly away,

To a different place and another time.

I travel 202 years back,

To Sarajevo to stop a crime.

I find the guns of the Black Hand gang,

And pile them up with gunpowder - Bang!


I drift back to my bed at home

And off again to sunny Rome.

I tell Caesar that his mate Brutus is not so great

And to take a day off in mid-March.


Back to Blighty through the night

For a quick word with Anne Boleyn.

To tell her not to marry him!

Henry VIII is a bit of a brute,

He may appreciate the loot

But he's more likely to give you the boot.


Fast forward to a baker's shop

With a bucket of water and mop

Fire prevented and off I hop.


Back to bed in time for school,

Tomorrow night I'll deal with another fight!

by Oliver Serieys (10)
Elangeni School - Buckinghamshire

Competition - Once Upon A Dream

Copyright remains with the author.