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Once Upon A Dream

Once upon a dream,

I dreamt about a man called Sawney Bean,

So take a seat

Just to tell you he eats human meat.


In the forest we were walking

And talking,

Then Sawney Bean​ made a grab

So I got my knife out and went to stab.


He ran away

Then probably back to his den,

Because he ran away

I fell to the ground in dismay.


I called the army

Once I got back to the farmy,

We would train

And keep tricks in our brain.


We began the battle

Once we got into the forest

And out of the field of cattle.


It was getting dark

When we got into the wood of bark, I was getting scared And was about to shout but never dared.


Then, out of nowhere the family did jump

It gave me such a big fright

I fell over a stump,

Then Sawney Bean came in sight


So I ran through the fight

But he came over with a big bite!

Ow! It was sore

But I wasn't going to let him kill me by gore.


So I got out my gun

And the bullet went through him like cutting a bun,

Now the sky was as dark as coal

And as cold as a pole.


Now the battle was nearly finished

The battle took so long

It could go in the book of Guinness!


Victory was ours

After a few hours.


That was my dream

Of Sawney Bean!

by Cameron MacKenzie (10)
Bridge Of Weir Primary School - Scotland

Competition - Once Upon A Dream

Copyright remains with the author.