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Once Upon A Dream

Once upon a dream,

When I was in a deep, deep sleep

I dreamed about…


When I was dreaming,

I was giving women their rights and justice,

acting like Malala and Tracey Clinton.



Fighting for their rights,

Giving up my time,

I think carefully, is this right?


Yes it is because all the women need help

And I am there!

Hoping for the best,

Giving a real test.


I also imagine what a lady

Is Jessica Ennis and Malala,

Achieving is the best,

No matter whatever the state is set.


Giving your 100 percent and you

Never know that some day

The person is you!


Brave and bold,

Powerful and ferocious,

Wild and wildness,

These words I use,

Are they right?


I am still in a deep, deep sleep,

Still imagining -

What would life be?


If I give all the women back their rights,

Imagine how could that be!

When all the women

Are equal to men!


In everything: sport, education

And other skills.

That would be real!

Health, wealth, wise

'Oh gosh!' What a long dream.


Lastly, but not the least,

I want to touch the sky

And I want my dream to go up high.

by Taranpreet Kaur (11)
James Watt Primary School - Birmingham

Competition - Once Upon A Dream

Copyright remains with the author.