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Where Am I Going In My Dream?

Where am I going in my dream?

Hills and fields in the roasting hot sun.

Famous flying fairies buzz in the way,

I want to run in the sun happily and play.


Where am I going in my dream?

Into a wonderland, you know what I've seen.

I ride in with Miss Unicorn and she started to laugh,

my senile farm pet,

it's been a while since we've met.


That's not all that I have got,

Friday and Polly,

they're part of the lot.

Surprisingly Ben comes along

and starts to sing a bit of a weird song!


My friends are hungry, they need to be fed,

just then I wake up in bed.

by Najma Iqbal (9)
St Herbert's RC Primary School - Oldham

Competition - Once Upon A Dream

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