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A Dark Room

I took a broad step into the land of dreams.

The next thing I knew I was stood in a haven of hills and streams.

An angel appeared in the corner of my eye.

It told me it meant no harm but I later discovered this was a lie.

I stood there for a moment staring in awe,

Still to this day I can't believe what I saw.

I knew it was a dream but it felt like I was wide awake.

All of a sudden, the angel's eyes turned red and the world began to shake.

The next thing I knew I was sat in a dark room,

I saw the angel watching me through the door as I sat in the gloom.

I have sat in the room for years, counting down the days;

Planning my escape in my head in millions of ways.

Maybe someday soon someone will hear my prayer,

And I will be free of this hell of a nightmare.

by Millie Elise Talbot (11)
Denton West End Primary School - Manchester

Competition - Once Upon A Dream

Copyright remains with the author.