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Max's Jungle Story

Ellie and Spencer arrived at the jungle of course! They swung on the vines and had fun. Even Ellie's teddy bear swung on the vines!

Then they met a big snake in the trees. The snake wanted to eat them, they weren't happy about that! But the snake was happy about eating them for dinner!

Ellie, Spencer the elf and Ellie's teddy bear ran away from the big snake. They ran and ran and ran! When they had finally got away they stopped for a rest.

Then they met a lion who poked his head out from the bushes. He was a friendly lion who was thinking about giving them a ride, but he didn't straight away and then he did!

He rode them over lakes, through the jungle and over the tops of the trees! He ran faster than the speed of light! Everything was a blur.

They could hear crickets chirping, they knew it was night-time. They jumped off the lion, onto the vines and swung home. Ellie got back in her bed and waited for the next adventure.

by Max Bailey (6)
Soaring High Montessori School - Essex

Competition - My First Story 2016

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