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Ibrahim's Pirate Story

Ellie and Spencer arrived in a tropical paradise rowing a brown, rigid boat under a choppy wave. Ellie felt nervous because she didn't know where they were going to go...

Surprisingly, Ellie and Spencer arrived at the island. They found a treasure chest. Ellie jumped on the treasure chest and said, 'We're rich!' Spencer pointed at a pirate ship but Ellie wasn't listening to him.

Suddenly, Bobby the pirate jumped in Ellie and Spencer's faces and said, 'That's my treasure.' Ellie's teddy was hugging Spencer's legs.

Then Bobby said, 'Spencer, walk the plank now and jump in the ocean.'

Two dolphins came in front of Spencer and they hopped on the dolphin's back.

Then they went back home to have a big rest.

by Ibrahim Faris (7)
Edward Wilson Primary School - London

Competition - My First Story 2016

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