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Mia's Magical Story

Daisy the unicorn landed in Sweetie Kingdom. Ellie and Spencer jumped off and stroked Daisy's golden hair. They began to explore Sweetie Kingdom.

All of a sudden, a red fire-breathing dragon flew down to the ground. They felt terrified. He had yellow, spiky hair and sharp teeth and claws.

They ran away as fast as they could into Sweetie Castle. It was full of sweeties like Haribos and lollipop trees. The dragon chased after them. Ellie shouted, 'It's an emergency, help us Daisy.'

Daisy came to the rescue. They were just about to set off when the dragon turned into a wicked witch.

The witch cast a spell on them. 'Zigaty zagaty zoom, no more flying for you!'

Daisy couldn't fly away. Spencer and Ellie felt scared. The witch said, 'I'm going to lock you up in jail for stealing sweets from my castle.'

Ellie told the witch they were just looking around. Spencer crept behind the witch and took the broom. He pulled Ellie on the broom and with a whoosh, they were flying in the sky back home.

In the night, Ellie woke up and thought it was a dream.

by Mia Cowgill (6)
Westroyd Primary School & Nursery - West Yorkshire

Competition - My First Story 2016

Copyright remains with the author.