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Ellie's Adventure

Ellie and Spencer arrived outside Santa's gates! Spencer called out to another elf, 'Get the sleigh and reindeer ready.'

A second later a big, gold sleigh with four beautiful reindeer pulling it appeared.

Ellie got in and marvelled at the soft pink cushions. Away they went, a bit too fast for Ellie's liking.

Soon they arrived at a big front door. Spencer got out and knocked on the elf door knocker. The door opened automatically. Ellie stared, open-mouthed.

Spencer said, 'Come on, Santa isn't that important.'

'OK,' said Ellie sighing. She knew she wanted to see Santa but she just felt frightened. Once inside all the fright went.

They made a long journey up the stairs. Finally Spencer and Ellie went into the room, Ellie a little way behind.

'Oh, so you are Ellie. Spencer's told me a lot about you.'

'How did you and Spencer know my name in the first place?' asked Ellie amazed.

'Oh I know everyone's name on the planet,' replied Santa laughing. 'Now do you want some toys?'

'Yes please,' replied Ellie.

Santa led them down a spiral staircase. Suddenly he stopped outside the door and opened it.

The room was full of toys. 'Help yourself,' said Santa.

'Really?' said Ellie.

'Really,' said Santa.

'Thank you,' said Ellie and with that she went into the room. She started taking all the toys she wanted.

Then Spencer and Ellie said goodbye to Santa and went home.

In the morning Ellie remembered her adventure. It seemed like a dream now. Then she remembered the toys. If they were somewhere, then that would mean that it had been real. She looked on the floor and saw the toys. This means the adventure was real, thought Ellie.

Then she heard Mum calling. 'Ellie wake up and get ready for school!'

by Caitlin McCarthy
English Martyrs Catholic Primary School - Nottinghamshire

Competition - My First Story 2016

Copyright remains with the author.