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Lacey's Jungle Story

In the deep dark forest there was a girl called Ellie and a boy called Spencer. When they got there they heard a loud tweeting in the trees. They swung on the rusty wood and they stopped at the waterfall. The water was dripping and making super loud noises.

At the waterfall there were enormous branches and the trees were very strong. Ellie and Spencer were swinging on the bendy branches, they were covered in green, slimy vines and they swung on them too.

Suddenly there was an enormous snake blocking their way. Ellie said, 'Please can you move out of the way?'

The snake said, 'I live here and I cannot move.'

Then Spencer said, 'I didn't know that snakes could even talk but this snake can talk.'

Ellie stroked the snake and then it was time to have a little rest so she fell asleep. Then the snake fell off and finally they were free.

Then Ellie and Spencer stopped because there was an enormous lion that was actually friendly and nice. The lion said, 'Hello strangers! Do you want a ride on my back?'

Ellie and Spencer said, 'Yes please.'

'Well jump on my back then.'

The lion then ran as fast as he could. Ellie and Spencer didn't know where they were going so they asked him. The lion said, 'It is a secret.'

Ellie and Spencer said, 'OK.'

When they looked again it was Ellie's house. It was time to say goodbye. 'See you in the morning,' said Ellie.

by Lacey Morgan (7)
Caslon Primary School - West Midlands

Competition - My First Story 2016

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