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Basit's Pirate Story

One day, Ellie and the elf took a boat to a faraway island. Ellie just sat down. Spencer moved the boat because Ellie couldn't.

Then Ellie was on a beach. The beach was spectacular. Ellie saw a full treasure chest. She was delighted so she stood on top of it like it was hers, then Spencer saw a pirate.

Because Captain Wooden Leg was a mean, old pirate, he saw the girl on the treasure chest and he was frustrated. He almost chopped off their heads but he realised that they were children.

It said in the 'Arr' handbook you can't chop off children's heads but you can make them walk the plank. He laughed evilly and loudly, and then they walked the plank.

The dolphins saved them. They thanked them so much.

Then they were home.

by Basit Summonu-Schmache
Belvedere Infant School - Kent

Competition - My First Story 2016

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