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Samuel's Pirate Story

Suddenly Ellie and Spencer were rowing in a rowing boat in the Atlantic Ocean. They felt the hot boiling sun on them, then they saw a treasure island. 'Come on Spencer, let's go and find some treasure,' said Ellie.

The island had brown, spidery palm trees with green leaves on top. There were two of them and there was sand everywhere. Suddenly Spencer saw a brown pirate ship with a metal cannon on wheels.

Suddenly a pirate came off it. The pirate had a wooden leg and he was fierce. He had a hook for a hand and a ginger beard.

'Give me the shimmering gold coins,' yelled the pirate, 'or you will walk the wooden brown plank into the cold blue Atlantic Ocean. You first, rotten egg.' So Spencer walked the plank.

'You next rotten nappy,' yelled the pirate.

Suddenly Spencer had an idea. 'Ellie, let's jump onto those dolphins,' he whispered. The dolphins took them home. 'Home sweet home,' said Spencer.

'I liked that adventure,' said Ellie.

by Samuel Roberts (7)
St Brigid's School, Denbigh

Competition - My First Story 2016

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