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Noah's Magical Story

Suddenly, Ellie fell into a wonderful wonderland. In the wonderland it was so hot Ellie wanted to faint. Not long later, Ellie, Spencer and Teddy were riding a magical unicorn. When the unicorn was walking along the bumpy path his hooves started hurting.

After a while, they met a fire-breathing, sharp-clawed, scaly-skinned dragon. Ellie and Spencer's blood froze to ice. They were petrified. In the dragon's head her thoughts were, those things must be nice, especially the thing with the long hair.

Spencer, Ellie and Teddy ran for their lives and the dragon was behind them. The dragon was breathing fire behind them, the dragon was ferocious.

While they were trying to catch their breath, the magical unicorn came to collect them. The unicorn was trotting for hours and hours and was happy with his mane flapping in the wind.

They followed a trail of seeds and it led them to an enchantress. There were giant lollipops. Teddy licked one, it looked like he was hypnotised. It was like they were Hansel and Gretel. The enchantress had an old hat, sharp fingernails and scruffy hair.

They went into the enchantress' house and stole her broom. Spencer, Ellie and Teddy flew away from the wonderland. It took quite a while to get back home. Teddy was hanging onto the end of the broom. Dawn was just beginning to break and Ellie started to fall asleep but Spencer kept waking her up. Just then, they saw the cottage and when they got to the cottage Ellie fell straight asleep.

by Noah Edward Eugene Larkin (7)
Green Lane Primary Academy, Middlesbrough

Competition - My First Story 2016

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