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John's Jungle Story


Ellie and Spencer arrived in the jungle, swinging on vines. On and on they swung, vine to vine. Ellie loved it. They came off the vines and had a rest until - they found a big, long snake and it was hungry!

The snake was venomous, one snap here and one snap there. They dodged both snaps. They had no choice but to run. They ran until they could no longer see the snake. They walked through the bushes, avoiding dangerous things.

Then they saw a lion! They asked for a ride. The lion said, 'Where to?'

Ellie and Spencer were overjoyed, they climbed on the lion's back and off they went, dodging trees, bushes and other animals, including snakes, crocodiles and tigers.

They said goodbye to the lion and gave him a hug. Then they swung back home, vine to vine, back to the house. Ellie would never forget that day.

by John Dougan (8)
St Joseph's Primary School, Dunloy

Competition - My First Story 2016

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