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Megan's Zoo Story

Soon they had arrived at the zoo. They were eager to discover what animals were in the world famous London Zoo, but nobody was there, so they went on a big adventure.

Ellie asked Spencer if they could meet her favourite animal, called King Kong. Spencer asked his friend, Nellie the Elephant, for a lift, but Nellie took them to Ling Long, not King Kong!

Ellie said, 'Sorry Ling Long, but we really need to find King Kong.'

Nellie the elephant took them on a long journey to the end of the zoo, but they still couldn't find King Kong.

After an hour of looking, it was starting to get dark. Suddenly, in the corner of the zoo... there he was, eating a banana. Ellie said, 'King Kong, we found you at last.'

She ran over and gave him a big hug and he gave Ellie a banana.

As the moon glittered in the sky, everyone was starting to get tired.

Spencer said, 'We must be getting home soon.'

So Nellie took everyone to Ellie's house.

'Goodbye everyone,' said Ellie.

'What a great adventure,' said Spencer.

by Megan Borst (7)
Ripley CE Primary School, Woking

Competition - My First Story 2016

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