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Krish's Space Story


Soon Ellie and Spencer had arrived on Planet Zong.
Ellie could see aliens, rainbows and a big sun. She
could hear the chatter of the aliens and the
squawks of the parrots. It also smelt like
Spencer and Ellie started collecting twinkly, golden
stars. It was magic! An alien was watching them.
Hmmm, I wonder what they are doing? thought
Ugg, the alien.
He ran to his red and blue spaceship and got in.
Ugg pressed a special button and whoosh, he flew
up into the sky. He pressed another button and up
went Ellie and Spencer. 'Please let us go!' said Ellie.
'Let you go?' answered Ugg. 'Of course I will! I just
wanted to show you around!' Spencer, Ellie and
Ugg became good friends. Ellie promised to show
Ugg the human world so Ugg showed them the
whole galaxy.
Suddenly, a big hog trotter stopped in front of
Ugg's spaceship. Beep! He pressed his button, but
the hog trotter did nothing. He growled, 'I want to
eat you!'
'Oh no!' screamed Ellie. The hog trotter stuck his
big, long, yucky blue tongue out and started to
wrap it around Ugg's beautiful spaceship.
Then, Spencer had an idea, he got a small nursery
rhyme book out of his pocket and started to sing,
'Lullaby and goodnight...' The hog trotter let out a
gigantic yawn and then he started to sleep. Snore,
snore, snore.
Wow! That was loud! thought Spencer. Ugg quickly
flew away. Ellie yawned, so did Spencer, they were
very tired.
'Let's drop you home,' whispered Ugg. They flew as
quick as lightning to Ellie's home.
That was a big adventure, thought Ellie.
'Goodnight Spencer, goodnight Ugg!' smiled Ellie.
'What is our next adventure going to be like?' said


by Krish Kanwar (7)
Loddon Primary School, Reading

Competition - My First Story 2016

Copyright remains with the author.