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When I trip over
And fall flat in the mud,
I feel humiliation bubble up.
When I'm chatting in class,
Gossiping about late night television,
The teacher sees, and Humiliation
Comes prowling towards me.
Humiliation's very shy,
He doesn't come out much,
When he does he makes my blood run cold
With his sharp touch.
So do not run on muddy days
And when in class, don't talk,
Because if you do either of the above
Humiliation starts to stalk.
Humiliation is a teasing bully,
A greying, angry sky.
The total despair inside me
Is like a knot I'm unable to untie.
Horrible Humiliation,
It gives you such a shock,
Your happy, carefree feelings,
Screaming, rapidly drop.

by Chloe Taylor (10)
Bedgrove Junior School, Aylesbury

Competition - Poetry Emotions

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