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The Singularity

The mindless drones all fill the sky
while humans march in lines.
The time has come to take a stand,
we all wait for the sign.
An alarm sounds, our hearts all pound,
as we unite as one.
We will not stop. We cannot stop
until the deed is done.
We charge onto the government lines
with a ferocious roar!
Drones are soaring, rain is pouring,
we must win the war.
The AI did not stand a chance,
had no agility or stealth.
It was plotting, scheming, making
a better version of itself.
We broke inside and killed it,
before it could react.
And burnt the plans it had
to fix the qualities it lacked.
The war's already over
the casualties are none.
We stopped the singularity
before it had begun.

by Owen Hill (13)
Caldicot School, Caldicot

Competition - The Poetry Trials

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