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By The Sea

I see forever ferocious blue,
All around me and all around you.
Winter waves thrashing, crashing, lashing, bashing, smashing.
I smell salt in my nose,
The angry monster tries to gobble my toes!
I feel dizzy,
The wind is so busy.
Wrapping his tail around me.
It's ice cold,
And yet I feel bold.
The sea is my friend, not my enemy.
I'm back in June,
And it's a different tune.
Summer waves are whispering,
Muttering, sighing, gently lapping.
Crawling, scuttling insects turquoise blue
Glittering, shining, sparkling and dazzling too!
Smoothness and calm.
No cause for alarm.
Nibbling, nipping at my toes.
It's magically warm.
I'm so happy to be born,
Oh sea, whatever would I do without you?

by Evelyn Kirkham (7)
Ysgol Glan Gele, Abergele

Competition - Sense Poetry

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