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Seaside Senses Poem

I could hear the magical waves
Splashing up and down
It sounded like a mystery
I couldn't stop listening
To the dangerous deep blue sea

I could touch the beautiful cold sea
It made me dream
Which is why it is called the magical waves

I could taste some delicious eye-catching
Tasty bubblegum ice cream
It was very cold 

I could smell disgusting stargazer fish in the sea
If I saw it in my dreams I would've screamed

I could see the famous boat, the Titanic
Everybody at the seaside stood still,
Frozen and astonished
After an hour everybody started to scream, 
Saying, 'It's the Titanic!'

by Talibah Shah (7)
Coaltown of Balgonie Primary School, Glenrothes

Competition - Sense Poetry

Copyright remains with the author.