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Sadness hides in the darkest caverns,
Where no one ever goes.
Sunlight doesn't creep down there,
If you see her fair skin it shows!
It's not often she comes out of her home,
She trudges around in there.
She comes out on days as ebony as soot,
Or when she sees a victim somewhere.
Sadness is a wind,
She's never staying still.
When she sees a worthy target,
She goes in for the kill.
Once she's worked her loathsome magic,
Wicked as a witch,
Joy comes to chase her away,
So in happiness you'll be rich.
Seeping slowly in, then out,
The abnormal sadness has gone.
It's all okay, it's all fine,
So smiles from now on!

by Ailsa Marshall Lagos (9)
St Oswald's CE Primary School, York

Competition - Poetry Emotions

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