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A Throne Of Thoughts...

As soon as my pencil touched the paper,
I immediately felt,
The fiery talons of fear gripping on my heart.
His eyes of darkness piercing into me...
A sick, black heart beating tensely by mine.
Fear overthrew my mind,
And I was sat in the back seat watching.
My heart red, raw and forgotten.
Like a puddle of water,
My courage cowered back.
But, on the point of despair,
It took one last stand...
Although fear so ferocious and daring,
My courage was better,
Pulling out its sword,
Fear shrank back to the shadows of its cell.
Deep, deep within me.
As my pencil touched the paper,
Courage shone through!

by Madison McLaren (11)
Paston Ridings Primary School, Peterborough

Competition - Poetry Emotions

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