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I see the bright sun reflected in the crystal-blue sea
The yellow and green ice cream van and multicoloured outfits and beach umbrellas
I hear the sound of excited children playing in the playground and splashing in the water
The humming of lawnmowers and buzzing bees
I feel the heat of the brilliant sun on my skin and on the powdery, fine sand
The wet, cool water and creamy suntan lotion and sharpness of the hard shells under my feet
I taste some sweet, fruity lollipops and frozen mint choc chip ice cream
The mouth-watering beef burgers and hot dogs, the juicy fresh salad and lemony fizzy drinks
I smell the sweet perfume of summer blossom and freshly mown grass
The delicious aroma of sizzling barbecue food and scent of suntan lotion.
I love summer.

by Bethany Ling (6)

Competition - Sense Poetry

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