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Common Questions

When will the competition prize winners be announced?

What does Young Writers do?

Do you charge to publish work?

Do I have to buy a copy of the book my child has been selected to be published in?

What can I do if I miss the deadline date on the form?

What do I do if I have lost the Copyright/Permission form?

How do you decide on prices for the books?


How are my or my child’s personal details used?

Do I have to submit an entry for my child through the school to enter your competitions?

Will the school know who has been accepted?

How many entries can be submitted?

What ages are allowed to enter?

I have a manuscript of my child's work that I would like to be published, can you help?

Will my child receive any royalties from the sale of the book they are featured in?

About Us

Who are Young Writers?

Who are Bonacia Ltd?

What products do you produce?

Do you charge an entry fee?

How do I contact you?


What is your editing criteria?

What is your acceptance rate?

What happens to work that is not selected for publication?

How do you decide what books to make?

Giving Permission & Having Work Published

What is the Copyright/Permission form for?

What is the typeset copy and what is it for?

What should I do if there is an error with the author's name/address on the Copyright/Permission form?

Can I give permission over the telephone?

What do I do if I have lost my typeset copy of my child's work?

Why have I received a second Copyright/Permission form?

More than one of my children have been accepted for publication, do I need to give permission for each of them?

Who owns the copyright to my child's work?

How long does it take to publish a book?

Ordering & Price Information

Where will my order be delivered to?

Orders Received

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