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Teen Poets Inner Voices Winner

We are delighted to announce the best poet in Inner Voices - A Collection of Teen Poetry and who has won a Divergent box set is...

Tegh Panesar (17) from London 
Poem Title: To Cage A Caterpillar

To Cage A Caterpillar

I am now a butterfly!
Being caged is only a phase in my lifetime so
My potential is infinite because
I can fly with wings for now I know
The cocoon was of my own creation;
It stopped me from believing.
Forged from my doubts and ignorance,
I screamed as I attempted to break the walls of my cell.
For years I was held stagnant and imprisoned so
I lost faith in a chance of freedom because
I was ugly at heart and mind.
By limiting my sight of success,
I didn't foresee a future of welfare
I remembered a past of sorrow
Because I had no wings to soar skies of beauty,
I was a nothing. I was a caterpillar
(Now read from bottom to top).

© Tegh Panesar (16)