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Super Mums

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'Mum', 'Mummy', 'Mother' – whatever name you use, your mother figure plays an important role in your life. Always there when you need her, offering love and support.

With Mother’s Day in March, we wanted to celebrate mums and mother figures across the UK through poetry, because a mum can come in many forms. You could have dedicated your poem to your step-mum, grandmother or female figure who has always been there for you. Who would you like to say thank you too for all the things she’s done for you or even tell her why she is such a huge part of your life? What is it that makes her better than the rest?

Thank you to everyone who entered and sent in their super mum images, we loved reading how much they mean to you and why. 

Congratulations to the winner of a luxury bouquet of flowers and chocolates for their mum or mother figure and a fab selection of books for themselves...


Ethan-Raul Patel from Leicester
Poem Published In: Super Mums - From The Heart

What Is A Mum?

A weaner and musher, a milky tooth brusher
A rocker and feeder, a storytime reader
A fairy cake baker and fancy dress maker
A wiper and washer and bad habit squasher
A dirty sheet changer, a room re-arranger
A keen stain remover, a wielder of Hoover
A peeler and cooker, appointment booker
A loyal defender and Christmas card sender
A playdate arranger, alerter of danger
A suitcase packer, a dishwasher stacker
A ‘be quiet’ hisser, a cuddly kisser
An early riser, a birthday surpriser
A list compiler, a proud parent smiler
A talented wrapper, a tireless clapper
A lavatory flusher, a praiser and gusher
A listening ear, a good referee-r
A source of a fiver, a free taxi driver
A smoothie blender and broken heart mender
A consummate shopper, embarrassing bopper
A grocery bagger and homework nagger
That’s what makes a mum!

Ethan-Raul Patel