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Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories Winners / Fear Factor

Fear Factor is a spook-tacular collection of ghost stories. We're delighted to announce the winner as Rebecca Ghola from salford! Rebecca's story 'Death Stalkers' has won her a selection of new book titles!

We also have two runner-ups Lona Patel from Morden and Kadyn Woolven‚Äč from Ipswich who have each won a Staedtler pencil set!

Winning Story by Rebecca...

Death Stalkers

My sleep ended when a scream entered the dark room of my
dream. Beyond barred windows a steady stream of lightning
throbbed against a twilit sky. Its eerie glow sent ghosts to dance
over my walls. My gown clung to cold sweat as I waited for
daylight. The room's only light flickered once, twice then came on.
I glared into the room's shadowy corners and felt a bone-deep
shudder race through me. That scream filled my thoughts as I
trudged through the day.
Just beyond the realm of my vision, always slightly out of focus,
the shadows played. A nurse handed me a cup full of pills. I
tossed them back and swallowed. Their zombie-like trance had to
feel better than this churning sense of dread knotting deep inside
my stomach.
After the last group therapy session, I washed my hair while the
tricksters of shadows stood mumbling in the darkest corners. I
followed a trail of invisible footprints right into my room. Peering
into each of the room's dimly-lit corners and under the bed,
finding nothing amiss, I sat down and began towelling my tangled
mop of curls. How could I dare tell anyone what was really
happening inside my head without risking being put in a
straitjacket and shuttled back to a padded cell in lockdown?
My screams were quick to join in with the others when I felt two
sets of sharp, jagged teeth sink into my legs again and again. By
four in the morning, both my legs were bloody and raw.

Rebecca Blessing Ghola (9)