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Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories Fangtastic Fiction Winners

Congratulations to our Fangtastic Fiction ghost story winner and runner-ups!

We've loved reading all of your hair-raising tales!


Yuv Dattani from Wembley has been awarded 1st prize for her spook-tacular story - we hope you enjoy reading your selection of books!


The butterfly met an accidental, undeserved and
untimely death. He had two jet-black antennae
swaying tenderly in the wind. His wings had an
indescribably intricate pattern. He was figuratively
a source of happiness to those that saw him. Then
suddenly... whack!
After ten seconds of suffering excruciating pain a
misty, white cloud rose from his body and formed
the shape of a butterfly. He looked down at his
mangled, bloody corpse and thought, curse you
child. In that instant, he decided to follow the
nasty child home. He sat patiently until the
school day concluded and landed on top of
Robert's head, unable to be seen. Robert couldn't
feel a thing.
That night the butterfly glided into Robert's room.
As Robert snored lightly, the butterfly landed on
his face and started crawling all over his body.
Suddenly, he saw other white shapes of ants, flies,
bees and a family of ladybirds. 'You too?' he asked.
'Yep,' they said in dull voices.
'Well, I have a plan,' whispered the butterfly, and
they all started crawling around every single bit of
open flesh they could find, making Robert
immediately sit up and scream.
The mini death squad looked at each other and
said, 'That's a good start...'

© Yuv Dattani (10)
Buxlow Preparatory School, Wembley

Also a massive well done to our runner-ups Ruby Danson from Cumbria and Joshua Stott from Leeds who have won a pen set thanks to our friends at Staedtler!


Qlokmeps At The End Of The Bed

There it was, lurking in the dark at the end of the
bed. Its six eyes were a burning fire, coming to
seek my death. Hiding under my pillow I shivered
with fright. Every night. But tonight was different.
Very different. But how? Every night the creature
hid under my bed, but tonight the roles were
reversed. I was the one hiding in the darkness, this
evening; the creature was out. From what I could
work out, the brute had a dark green oozing gunk
dripping from every limb; grubby feet the size of
my hand, eyes as round as a ping-pong ball and
nails sharp like a knife.
Then... creak went the door, I peeked out as its
shadow left the room and turned the corner.
Where was it going? Should I follow it? What
would happen? Suddenly, a powerful force took
over my body and dragged me towards the door. I
tried to clasp my hand around the handle so it
would stop, but no, this spirit, phantom, whatever
it was, was determined for me to face my worst
I couldn't shout, I couldn't scream, what was I
going to do? Whilst being lugged down the stairs I
started to kick, punch and just do something that
would stop this hell.
Halfway down the corridor I felt the revenant free
my body and I slumped to the ground into a clump.
As I rolled over to retreat to safety, there it was,
peering over me...

© Ruby Danson (11)
Croftlands Junior School, Ulverston



The Horrifying Little Girl

Rain shot down like darts hurtling down toward
the Earth. I was curled up in a little ball like a snail
in its shell under a tree waiting for a bus to take
me home from school. I heard a howl like a
wounded dog. The bus never turned up so once
again I had another long walk home. I dreaded
that walk because I had to walk through an
abandoned church graveyard.
Walking through the graveyard, I spotted a person
walking. However, it was very pale. I went to
investigate. Running up the stairs, I heard a
scream. After what felt like forever, I finally
reached the top. I walked in the room, nothing was
The door slammed behind me like someone was
behind it. I tried opening the door but it didn't
open. I slowly turned my head. A little girl with a
white dress on and dark brown hair which covered
her face, looked at me with a deathly stare. 'Play
with me!' snapped the girl.
'Okay, let's play,' I squealed. She disappeared and
then I heard a knock on the door. I thought it was
locked but it opened and the girl was there.
I had a plan, I was going to follow her and then run
home. I wouldn't tell anyone because they would
not believe me. She led me to the bottom floor and
then I ran! I turned my head and she was in the
window waving to me...

Joshua Stott (11)
Meadowfield Primary School, Leeds