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Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories Haunted Dreams / Winners

Haunted Dreams is a spook-tacular collection of ghost stories. We're delighted to announce the winner as Charlotte Holmes from London! Charlotte's story 'Bus To Nowhere' has won her a selection of new book titles!

We also have two runner-ups Jessica Sathiyanathan from Liverpool and Faiza Manzoor from Rochdale who have each won a Staedtler pen set!

Winning Story by Charlotte...

Bus To Nowhere

Amy woke with a start as the clanging of her alarm
clock pierced her deep, dreamless sleep. She got up
from her warm cosy bed and reached for her fluffy
dressing gown. She had breakfast in her bright, sunny
kitchen and then she saw the time - 8 o'clock. She was
dressed and out within five minutes.
She waited impatiently at the bus stop and eventually a
bus glided silently up behind her. She gladly got on and
sat down. Breathing deeply, she relaxed and closed her
eyes. When her bag slipped off her lap she bent down
to pick it up. It was gone. Looking around, confused,
she noticed the other passengers were sat as if made
of stone. Nobody moved, their faces were clear of any
expression and their eyes stared glassily ahead. The
bus, although moving, was completely silent.
Worryingly still, like an empty building.
Then, the sun disappeared and the sky went black.
With trembling fingers, Amy reached for the bell, but as
she pressed it the bus jolted, making her bones shake.
The windows caved in with a hideous crack. As Amy
ran for the door, the wind howled through the bus,
tearing up seats as it went. It filled the bus with rushing,
freezing air, pinning her to the spot. It clasped Amy in
its freezing grip and lifted her.
She shrieked as it sucked her into the deep, dark, icy
space where the town and life had once been.

Charlotte Louise Holmes (10)