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Blog Summer Literacy: Fun Creative Writing Activities for Kids in the Summer Holidays

Summer Literacy: Fun Creative Writing Activities for Kids in the Summer Holidays

By Jenni Harrison | Activities, Annual Showcase, Book Reviews, Competitions, Holiday activities, Kids, SPaG Monsters

Summer Literacy: Fun Creative Writing Activities for Kids in the Summer Holidays

Keep your children entertained over the summer holidays with these fun activities that will engage and inspire them whilst supporting literacy learning.

Here at Young Writers we create resources to support teachers and parents, helping to foster a love of reading and writing in children of all ages. Below is a list of some fun activities to keep your child entertained over the summer holidays whilst also supporting their literacy learning.

1. SPaG Monsters

Suitable for: 4-12 year-olds

This online learning game is completely free, including no in-game charges. Children create a monster avatar and then play over 25 games that focus on core literacy skills to earn stars, coins and certificates. Stars will let them progress to harder levels and coins will let them “buy” new outfits and accessories for their monster’s house!
SPaG Monsters helps children to develop their spelling, punctuation and grammar skills whilst having fun. Sign up here.

2. Marvellous Superheroes

Suitable for: All ages

Do you have a child mad about Marvel? Or perhaps a DC superfan? Now is their chance to create their own superhero and write a story or poem about it for the chance to be published. One writer will win a Complete Writer’s Toolkit, and 2 runners up will each win a £10 book token. Enter here.

Download more FREE resources to help them create their character:

Make a Superhero Mask

Create A Superhero Factfile


3. Book Reviews

Suitable for: All ages

If your child has a love of reading, then why not ask them to write a review of the last book they read to help spread the word?
Check out our ‘How To Write A Book Review’ blog for some hints and tips, or for younger writers download this handy Book Review Form which guides them through writing a book review. Send their book review to us here at [email protected] and it may even feature on this blog!


4. Young Writers' Annual Showcase

Suitable for: All ages

The Young Writers’ Annual Showcase was designed as a celebration of all forms of writing up to 1000 words. It’s the perfect opportunity for your child to submit their favourite piece of writing, whether it’s a story, poem, blog, essay, script, review... anything at all!
They can submit work they’ve already created, perhaps a piece of writing from their school year that they’re particularly proud of, or they can write something new! Chosen entries will be published in a real book and 1 winner will be chosen from each age category to win £100! 
We have lots of writing guides on the blog, check them out:

How To Write A Script
How To Write An Article
How To Write A Story
How To Write A Blog
How To Write In A Diary Style
How To Write A Football Report

Enter here.


5. Make Your Own Book

Suitable for: All ages

Grab some paper and tape, it’s time to get crafty! This guide will teach your child how to make their very own book, and once made it’s perfect for writing a story, diary, or poetry!

Download here: How To Make Your Own Book


6. Share With Us!

We love nothing more than seeing the literacy efforts of children and young adults. Share their writing, book recommendations, writing tips and tricks... anything at all! We want to see your child’s creativity and help share it with the world.

Find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok or email us at [email protected]


Published: Mon 7th Aug 2023

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