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Blog Creative Writing Tips: How to Write a Book Review

Creative Writing Tips: How to Write a Book Review

By Lynsey | Activities, Book Reviews, Top Tips, Writing Tips

Creative Writing Tips: How to Write a Book Review

Creative Writing Advice for Young Writers - How to Write a Book Review

So you want to write a book review, but not sure how to?

Then check out these 5 steps to help you write a book review:

1. Details

Write the book title, the author (and/or illustrator) and the publisher's name, which you'll find on the back cover or first inside page.

This lets your readers know how to find the book if they want to read it after they've read your review.

2. Summary

This lets your readers know a brief outline of the story in 3-5 sentences, but don't include any spoilers!

If you give away the ending, a plot twist, or reveal something exciting, it could make the book less enjoyable for someone else!

3. Key Character(s)

A sentence to describe each of the main characters. (Don't list every character in the book!)

4. Your Thoughts... This is now your book review & you can think about things like:

Did you enjoy the book? Finish it in one sitting?
Did it surprise you?
What emotions did you feel?
Did you like the layout of the chapters & any illustrations?
How did you find the vocabulary?

It's okay not to like a book, and you can certainly write a review about one you didn't enjoy. Try also to write a review about a book you loved reading, to help inspire someone to read more ❤️

5. Recommend it?

How many stars would you give the book out of 5?

Can you describe the book in 3 words?


Once you've written a review you need to:
1. Take a clear photo or where possible type it up
2. Email it to [email protected] with your name & age
3. Put "book review" in the subject line

Selected reviews will feature on our blog & we'll email you if you're chosen. You can view previous book reviews on our blog here (Top tip: try to choose a book that isn't already featured!)

You can email book reviews to us at any time. We accept book reviews from families, children, young adults, teachers, classes & parents.

Let's share the love of reading far & wide!

Published: Fri 30th Sep 2022

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