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Blog The Big Halloween Blog!

The Big Halloween Blog!

By Spook Chapman | Activities, Family, Holiday activities, Kids, Recommended Reads

The Big Halloween Blog!

Halloween has crept up on us and we're excited! Check out our amazing resources and fun activities to celebrate this spooky season

October provides the perfect writing inspiration, from pumpkin-spiced lattes, falling leaves, changing seasons and ending with Halloween, we've used this opportunity to create some fun writing resources to celebrate this wonderful time of year!

The perfect Halloween poetry guide

Have you checked out our how-to guide for the different types of poetry? Walking your young writer through acrostics, colour poems and riddles, this one-stop shop is great to teach them how to write their favourite poem in a spooky manner. Why not get them to try re-writing a poem in a different format? Give it a go and check out the guide here.

Trick or treat poetry competition

Have you heard about our Halloween poetry competition? There's prizes up for grabs including a creative writing goody bag and bookstore tokens too! Get your writers to create a poem that'll give us a fright before November 1st and they'll be in the running to win a great prize. Find out more about the competition and send in entries here.

Halloween recommended reads

We've collected this year's hottest, and scariest recommended reads to help you create the perfect Halloween! From frighteningly beautiful picture books to walking talking slime, have a read here and get yourself a treat to celebrate.

Our exciting Halloween Hunt

We know that Halloween may not be the same for everyone this year so we wanted to create something anyone can use to celebrate at home. Click here to head to our Halloween hunt blog, featuring 8 clues to give your young one an exciting chase to earn their sweets! Exclusively based in the home, you can use whichever prizes you want in the hiding spots, or just leave them the next clue to continue to the trail to one grand finale! Check it out and we hope you have a grand ol' time!

Meet the Deaditorial and Customer Scare team

We all love a bit of Halloween here at Young Writers! We've been on a recruitment drive recently, and we'd love to introduce you to our brand new Deaditroail and Customer scare teams:


  • Jenni Horrorson
  • BellaDonna Samworth
  • Sarah Slaughterhouse
  • Daisy Cobweb
  • Wendy Claws
  • Debbie Killer-Worth
  • Iain McScream

Customer Scare Team:

  • Gem-arghhhh Forth
  • Macabre Molly Reynolds
  • Sl-Ash-er Graham

The spooky name game

What's your spooky name? Find out below! We created this handy little guide so anyone can create a devilishly delightful Halloween name, why not even use it as a character name generator? Let us know what you get!

Published: Fri 29th Oct 2021

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