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Blog Halloween Poetry Writing - Exploring Poetry Types Activity

Halloween Poetry Writing - Exploring Poetry Types Activity

By Lynsey | Activities, Event, Family, Holiday activities, Poetry

Halloween Poetry Writing - Exploring Poetry Types Activity

Not sure what an acrostic is or the best way to write a riddle? Then this blog is for you!

There are lots of different poetry types you can try, some are tricky and have lots of rules, others have funny-sounding names and some are simple but effective!

Here are some poetry styles you might like to try this half term...

The Acrostic Poem 

An acrostic should spell the word or words your poem is about down the page.

How to write an acrostic poem:

1. Pick a spooky word to inspire your Halloween poem.
2. Write down at least 5 words that describe your chosen word - use your sense, colours, physical traits and what it reminds you of.
3. Using each letter of your chosen word, write a sentence describing it.

Halloween Acrostic Example Poem


W  icked witches fly on their brooms
I     t's Halloween, monsters and ghosts are out
T    rick or treat?" children say
C   ackle, cackle as the witches fly across the dark sky
H   ome safe, all cosy with a hot chocolate.

The Riddle Poem

A riddle poem should...
• Try to have at least 6 clues
• Use present tense
• Use lots of description
• Try to trick the reader
• Have a clever title
• Finish with the question, who or what am I?

To write a riddle poem you need to:
1. Think of something to write about and write the word at the bottom of your paper
2. How can you can describe your word without saying its name? For example, if your word was 'Cat' you could say 'a milk drinker' or 'a witch's best friend'
3. Choose one of your descriptions for a clever title!
4. Next, think about what your word might do, or say, or eat etc and make notes
5. Start to write your ideas into sentences using present tense
6. Read your poem to a family member, can they guess who or what your riddle is about?

Halloween riddle poem example:

The Night Light

Take off my head,
Light up my insides,
My big carved face might give you a fright!
Orange is the colour of me,
I sit in windows for all to see.
What am I?

Answer: A pumpkin.

A Colour Poem

A colour poem uses one colour and lots of imagery to describe something or someone.

How to write a colour poem:

1. Chosen a spooky word to inspire your colour choice... green for a monster, black for a witch, orange for a pumpkin, white for a ghost etc
2. Use your senses, similes and even metaphors to create descriptive sentences
3. Read your poem to someone, can they imagine what you're describing? Do they have any feedback?

A colour poem example:


Black is the still Halloween night,
Black are the dancing shadows,
Black is the cape that flutters into the woods,
Black is the silence of midnight,
Black is the winding path and the still eyes that watch,
Black is the muddy footprint along the trail,
Black is the silhouette of the derelict cottage
Black are the wisps of smoke escaping from the chimney,
Black is the last thing I remember,
Black is the still Halloween night.

Published: Wed 20th Oct 2021

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