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Toy Stories
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Creative Writing competition for 7-11 year olds

Let your pupils' imaginations run wild! They could tell us about an adventure their toy has had, its favourite day with its owner, how it was made or its hopes and dreams. Has the toy ever been lost or had an unexpected makeover?

What if a toy was sucked into a computer game, took revenge on or escaped from a bad owner?

From adventures and mayhem to mysteries and flashbacks, there are so many ideas to inspire a mini saga; a story told in just 100 words! Pupils can even draw their toy before they plan and write their mini saga. Challenging, fun and guaranteed to get your pupils excited to write, Toy Stories is ready to be used in your classroom today!

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  • Only one entry per pupil
  • Mini sagas can be written or typed
  • 100-word limit (not including the title)
  • Ensure that all pupils include their name, surname and age on the entry form

Don't forget to put your school name and postcode on the freepost sticker or the reverse of the envelope so we know who has sent the entries


For Schools

1st Prize - £1,000 + a trophy

2nd Prize - £500 + a trophy

3rd Prize - £250 + a trophy

For Pupils

Toys R Us

£100 Smyths Toy's Voucher

To each of our five favourite Spring Term 2018 writers!

Plus a bookmark and sticker for every entrant!

How To Enter

  • If you are in need of more entry forms, please go to Downloads / Resources Request

  • Send your entries, along with your school entry form, to:

    Young Writers PS
    Remus House
    PE2 9BF

  • Alternatively, you can upload your entries here



To see the competition pack, including Full Competition Information, Poster, Lesson Plan, resources, and more… please fill in the short form below. All download links will appear once the form is sent and the links will also be emailed to you.



Request Additional Resources

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Writing Tips

Tip #1

Ask your pupils to bring in their favourite toy / game (or a photo if bringing it in isn’t practical!)

Dim the lights and watch the fun video above that introduces the activity to your pupils and also shows them an example of a mini saga. If pupils have their favourite toy with them when the watch the video it will really help them get involved in the activity.

Now it’s time for pupils to work in small groups. Pick one toy to create a scenario with. E.g. A teddy bear could be about to raid the fridge, a doll could be opening a beauty salon or a remote control car could be about to escape out of the cat flap! Pupils write 4 or 5 sentences to finish the story. This will help them get the idea of a mini saga before they write their own!

Tip #2

Ask pupils to imagine what naughty toys would get up to!

Would the doll seek revenge for the awful make-over? Maybe a once-loved toy wants to cause mischief as they’ve been abandoned? What if the baddie in their computer game sucked them in the game and challenged them?

There’s lots of fun to be had with toys’ revenge as a theme!

Tip #3

How would toys use technology?

Would they drive a car? Use a kitchen appliance? Play on a computer game? Watch TV? Star in a movie? Sing on karioke? What if pupils got sucked into a TV show, film or computer game? What if their toy called them on their phone?

What mischief could toys get up to when technology is involved… 

Tip #4

Who will be telling the story? The toy? 3rd person narrator? The child who owns the toy? Maybe another toy or even a pet could be telling us what has happened! There’s lots of ways to make a story interesting and choosing how the story is narrated is one of them!

Tip #5

What havoc or kind deeds can your pupils’ toys get up to at Christmas time? Hitch a ride on Santa’s sleigh? Have a Christmas party? Make a present for their owner? Go on a winter wonderland adventure? Let your pupils be inspired by the festive season!

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