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Stranger Sagas
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Closing Date: Friday 20th of July 2018

Creative Writing Competition for Secondary Schools

Your students are invited to enter Stranger Sagas, the latest, fantastic creative writing competition from Young Writers.

We provide a tantalizing selection of story starters each term intended to inspire your students to write a mini-saga, a story written in just 100 words! Each story starter sentence can be interpreted as the students wish, so how will they develop the story? What genre will students choose to write in? After all, every great story deserves a great ending...

See what others think of Stranger Sagas…


  • Only one entry per student
  • Mini sagas can be written or typed
  • 100-word limit (not including the title)
  • Ensure that all students include their name, surname and age on the entry form
  • You can use the 8 brand new story starters for this term, but if you prefer to use the Autumn Term ones, simply download them below!
  • Don't forget to put your school name and postcode on the freepost sticker or the reverse of the envelope so we know who has sent the entries


Winners will be chosen from entries received in the Summer Term 2018 by our editorial team and independent judge.

For Schools

1st Prize - £1,000

+ a trophy

2nd Prize - £500

+ a trophy

3rd Prize - £250

+ a trophy

Stranger Sagas pupil prizes

For Students

1st Prize - £250

2nd Prize - £100

3rd Prize - £50

one highly commended writer will win a selection of books!

Plus a bookmark for every entrant!

How To Enter

  • If you are in need of more entry forms, please go to Downloads / Resources Request
  • Send your entries, along with your school entry form, to:

    Young Writers SS
    Remus House
    PE2 9BF

  • Alternatively, you can upload students' work here or your students can submit their entries through our brand new Student Typing Portal!

Student Typing Portal
Login to your teacher account to add your students

Closing Date: Friday 20th of July 2018


To see the competition pack, including Full Competition Information, Poster, Lesson Plan, resources, and more… please fill in the short form below. All download links will appear once the form is sent and the links will also be emailed to you.



Request Additional Resources

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Writing Tips

Tip #1

Creative writing is about setting a scene in the reader’s mind, but to help students get writing why not set a scene (or scenes) in your class to bring their imaginations to life!


My torch flickered and went out… where do students imagine they’d be when this happens? A forest? A graveyard? Going down to the basement? Camping? Are they looking for something or somewhere after dark, or has there been a power cut? Somewhere busy and loud, or somewhere quiet and private? Let their imaginations run riot!

I knew there would be consequences, but I did it anyway...  – this is an intriguing story starter, what did they do? Why? Where were they? What were the consequences? Were they worse than they thought? What made them decide that the consequences were worth their actions… Get your students to discuss this story starter, it’s thought-provoking and sure to generate an excitement around writing!

I looked around, desperately searching for an escape... – this story starter suggests an air of panic – what would make your students feel like this? Trapped underground? In a dark room? In a small space? Underwater? Suspended from a cliff side? What physical traits would they display in this situation, screaming? Scratching at walls? Kicking? Sweating? Shaking?

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Contact Us

Young Writers SS
Remus House

Tel: 01733 890066 / 898110
Fax: 01733 313524

Alternatively, you can upload your entries!

Enter online
For Young Writers entering independently (not via their school)

Send school entries online
For teachers to upload their pupils' submissions

Student Typing Portal
Login to your teacher account to add your students

Closing Date: Friday 20th of July 2018

Competition Terms & Conditions

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