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Blog Annual Showcase 2024 - Writing Inspiration For All Ages

Annual Showcase 2024 - Writing Inspiration For All Ages

By Jenni Harrison | Annual Showcase

Annual Showcase 2024 - Writing Inspiration For All Ages

The Young Writers Annual Showcase is an exciting opportunity to unleash creativity. Whether you're just starting to write or have been crafting stories or poems for years, there's a place for you in this competition. Here are some ideas to help get those creative juices flowing. You don’t have to stick to the age ranges, they are just suggestions - pick whichever one inspires you!

Age 4:
  • Animal Acrostic: Write a poem about an animal where the first letter of each line spells a word. The word could be the animal, its name or a word to describe it.
  • Toy Riddles: Pick your favourite toy and write a riddle poem about it.
  • Family Fun: Write about your family – who is in your family and what makes them special?

Ages 5-7
  • Favourite Place: Write a description of your favourite place. Who do you go there with? What do you love about it?
  • Kennings Poem: Pick a topic – it could be a person, an animal or an object, and write a kennings poem about it. A kenning is a two-word phrase that describes something in a new way. E.g. Claw-scratcher for cat
  • My Superhero Day: If you were a superhero for a day, what powers would you have? What kind of adventures would you go on? Who would you help?
  • Nature Poem: Write a sense poem about your favourite season. Describe the sights, sounds, and smells you experience during that time of year.

Ages 8-11
  • Emotion Poem: Write a poem about a strong emotion you’ve felt, like joy, sadness, or excitement. Use descriptive language to express how it feels.
  • Nature’s Wonders: Write about a journey through a magical forest. What kind of creatures live there? What surprises do you encounter?
  • Animal Rhymes: Pick an animal and write a short rhyming poem about it. What sounds does it make? What does it do all day?
  • Historical Facts: Research and write about a historical period. Maybe the age of the dinosaurs, Ancient Egypt, or the medieval times.
  • Personal Heroes: Write a letter to someone you admire. It could be a family member or someone famous. What do you want to tell them? Why do you admire them? Do you have any questions for them?
  • Space Explorers: Imagine travelling to another planet. What do you find there? What do the aliens look like? Are they friendly?

Ages 12-15:
  • Time Travel: If you could travel back in time, what period would you visit? Who would you meet? What would you do? Include historical facts to help with your descriptions.
  • Dream Day: Describe your perfect day from start to finish. What activities would you do? Who would you spend it with?
  • Haiku: Write a haiku about a moment in nature. Follow the 5-7-5 syllable pattern and capture a brief, beautiful scene.
  • Mystery Solvers: Write a mystery story where you and your friends find clues to solve a puzzle or find a hidden treasure. What clues do you find? How do you solve the mystery?
  • The Art of Description: Use imagery to write a description of a place real or imaginary. Who or what lives there? What does it look, sound, smell like? What makes it unique? Use your vocabulary skills to engage the reader.  
  • Real-Life Issues: Tackle a real-life issue like bullying, peer pressure, or environmental concerns. What do you think is at the heart of the problem? Do you have any solutions?

Ages 16-18: 
  • Opinion Piece: What are you passionate about? Write about a film, a book, a musical artist, a way of life, a hobby… anything at all that you really love or even hate! Try to persuade the reader round to your way of thinking.
  • Fantasy Realms: Create a world filled with magic, mythical creatures, and heroic quests. What challenges do your characters face? How do they overcome them?
  • Persona Poem: Write a poem from the perspective of an object, animal, or historical figure. How do they see the world? What would they say?
  • Social Commentary: Use your writing to comment on a social issue you’re passionate about. What solutions or perspectives can you offer?
  • Sonnet: Challenge yourself to write a sonnet. Follow the traditional structure with 14 lines and a specific rhyme scheme. Explore themes like love, nature, or identity.
  • Coming-of-Age: Write a script for a play about a teenager who learns something important about themselves or the world. What event triggers this realisation? How do they change?

These ideas are just starting points to ignite your creativity. The most important thing is to have fun and let your imagination run wild. 

Remember, the word limit is 1000 words.

Happy writing!

Once you have written your piece, remember to send it in for The Annual Showcase competition to be in with the chance of winning £100!

You can email your entry to [email protected] or upload it here
Published: Thu 23rd May 2024

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I am really happy with this website because it helps inspire children and get them writing
by Elisha - 03-06-2024 18:00
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