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Blog Find Your Inspiration With Through Their Eyes

Find Your Inspiration With Through Their Eyes

By Jenni Harrison | Competition

Find Your Inspiration With Through Their Eyes

You can become a published poet with Through Their Eyes - take a look at these ideas to get your ideas flowing!

Through Their Eyes gives you the opportunity to become a published poet and see your work in a real book.

The theme of Through Their Eyes is to write from the point of view of someone or something else. But who will be the inspiration for your poem? In this blog we’ll give you some ideas of who… or what… you could write about and where to find that spark of inspiration.

The People Around You

·         The secret life of your friend

·         A grandparent when they were young

·         Your enemy!

·         A teacher

Nature’s Magic

·         An animal on the verge of extinction

·         A sea creature facing plastic pollution

·         Your pet

·         A tree that has seen changes over decades, even hundreds of years

Historical Figures

·         Someone born on the same day as you

·         Write from the POV of someone you’re studying in history

·         When in the past would it have been fun or interesting to be alive?

·         Write as if you were a witness to a major event

Everyday Items

·         How does your backpack feel being used every day?

·         A favourite childhood toy that no longer gets played with

·         A lost sock

·         Your phone

Magical Moments

·         A dragon fighting a knight

·         Santa Claus

·         A monster under a kid’s bed

·         The tooth fairy

We hope there’s something there to spark your inspiration!

Remember to include your name and address, and send us your poem for the chance to win!

Upload online: www.youngwriters.co.uk/competitions/enter

Email: [email protected]

Published: Wed 31st Jan 2024

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Hi Sarim, The editorial team are busy reading and typing all the entries, so anyone chosen for publication will get a letter in the next few weeks. The winners will be announced once all the books in the series have been published, which will be in June.
by Young Writers - 27-03-2024 09:29
Who are the winners?
by Sarim - 25-03-2024 11:38
Hi Rachael thank you for your comment - the competition closes on 16th Feb and you can find out all the info here: www.youngwriters.co.uk/comp/through Please can you pop an email to [email protected] with your name, school name and address and ask to be added to our email list, we can then make sure we have the right information to contact you, thank you!
by Young Writers - 13-02-2024 08:44
Has this been published or still taking entries? We didn't receive an email about this competition
by Rachael - 11-02-2024 08:35
by Benjamin - 06-02-2024 16:59
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