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Senses Poetry Writing Workshop


Senses poems share what we can see, hear, smell, touch and taste using lots of adjectives to create a descriptive poem.


You need a subject matter to write about. Pick two things to write about that are opposites so a variety of words can be used to describe them.

Here are a few suggestions in case you need some inspiration! Cat / Dog, Moon / Sun, Hope / Fear, Summer / Winter

Next write out the five senses across your page. Now think about the five senses, ask yourself the following questions and jot down some words or phrases that describe your chosen topic:


What does it look like? Big, small, ugly, beautiful, shiny, dull? What colour is it?


What does it sound like? Loud, quiet, gentle? What does the sound remind you of?


What does it smell like? Food, fresh air? Is the smell horrible or pleasant?


What does it taste like? Spicy, sour, cold? What does the taste remind you of?


What does it feel like? Rough, smooth, soft?What does the feel remind you of?


An Example of Senses Poetry

Summer and Winter
Summer looks like a swimming pool full of happy, laughing children.
Winter looks like an old dog shivering by the fire.
Summer sounds like a game of cricket in the park.
Winter sounds like the ‘Ho,ho,ho’ of Father Christmas.
Summer smells like a barbecue of hot dogs and yummy burgers.
Winter smells like chestnuts roasting on an open fire.
Summer tastes like strawberries and cream, on a sunny day at Wimbledon.
Winter tastes like burnt toast on a windy morning.
Summer feels like the hot grains of sand on a busy beach.
Winter feels like a slippery path, painful to fall on!

Your Turn

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Alternatively send your poem to:

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