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Advert Poetry Writing Workshop


OK, advertising is all around us, from watching telly to reading newspapers or magazines. For instance you may find when watching your favourite television programme, during the break an advert flashes on the screen telling you all about the latest music compilation. All your favourite songs are on there so you write it down on your birthday/Christmas list. Likewise your parents may be looking for a new car and browsing at all the adverts that are currently selling them.

A typical advert found in a paper may read...

 Washing Machine for sale
 Full Working order
 Slight rust on bottom
 Other than that in perfect condition
 Going cheap so grab a bargain!


Now’s your chance to create your own poem in the style of an advert. Please remember that poems do not have to rhyme!

The easiest way to begin is to think of something to sell. It could be anything you like. For instance do you fancy selling your parents? How about a moody older sister or a smelly cat? Maybe you fancy selling your much-loved but very raggedy teddy bear or maybe your old, dirty football?

Once you have decided you need to then think about how you want to sell your chosen item. For instance, what do they look like, or what they are like? What are they good at? You can then contrast this with something that they’re bad at. For instance, a dog might slobber all over you or chew your shoes but is excellent at protecting and giving cuddles!

Once you have jotted down your ideas move on to putting your poem together.


We decided to write an advert about a dog called Bernard!

Bernard for Sale
Offer on today only,
One grumpy dog,
(Age unknown, but think pretty old)
Very good at sleeping,
Often wakes up on the wrong side of bed,
But fed straight away will brighten his mood,
Has awful breath, so don’t get too close,
Good for warding off enemies,
Overall a great companion,
Offer on today only,
So grab a bargain!

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