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It's fantastic that the children's hard work has been recognised by such a great competition. The children really engaged with the competition and it supported our in class learning about poetry. We will defintely be entering another competition as the children were excited to be published and coming second is great for the school! We will be spending our prize money on lots of books for our classrooms.

James Barradell, Lake Farm Park Academy, Middlesex

The competition pack is excellent! The story starters are a good idea and can be reused for other projects.

Geoff Harnson, Excel Academy

Great confidence builder!

Kirstin Endelman, May Park Primary

We love our complimentary copy of the book! We will get the kids to sign it and will always keep it.

Julie Hanna, Tor Bank School

Thank you. The children involved took great pleasure in hearing their work read out. This is a great way to encourage children to write!

Alison Treifer, St Mary's Primary

Loved hearing the children's ideas for their rhymes. This is a great opportunity for children to experience rhyme!

Sarah Francis, Kiddiewinks

The competition pack was very eye catching and interesting. The complimentary copy of the book is brilliant and will be proudly displayed!

Anne Sissons, St Thomas More

This is a great way to keep us promoting parent partnership and the books are fab!

Claire Marshall, Little Einsteins

Exciting and motivational - giving all children the chance to succeed

Miss M Holder, St Peter & St Paul CE Primary

The complimentary copy was amazing! This is great for governing bodies.

Samantha Lawson, Leeds Jewish Free School

Our parents were delighted our nursery were involved in the competition and were thrilled with their books

Karla Brake

Another wonderful competition, which our students were really excited to enter. Such an inspiring and inclusive activity.

Mrs Holly Keogh-Jones, Prestfelde School

Pupils really enjoyed the activity, use of design first really supported the creation of the story - even my reluctant writers engaged with no coaxing!

Alison Weir, Mullaglass Primary School

We absolutely love your competitions. The children are always really excited and eager to start writing. They have a wonderful sense of purpose and empowerment.

Ms Deborah Baird, Bullion Lane Primary School

It is lovely to see a poetry competition with such great resources provided. Thank you!

Alex Waters, Clare Mount Specialist Sports College

Super online resources. The children are so excited by the idea of possibly being published poets!

Julie Higton, Woodbridge Junior School

All the students at our school are deaf and some find writing a challenge. Competitions like this are great to inspire creative writing.

Jennifer Marris, Heathlands School

This was a fabulous resource to use with the pupils. It gave me, as a teacher great teaching points too. The pupils were all involved and motivated to take part.

Mrs Letitia O'Rourke, St Dominic's Primary School

Another great, fun activity which the children all enjoyed. Some weird, wild and wondrous ideas...

Jude Schenk, Moon Hall School For Dyslexic Children

The children were really enthusiastic and it was great to have a real life purpose to have a real life purpose for our writing. The Big Friendly Poet video was excellent!

Leanne Mitchell, St Ambrose Barlow Catholic Primary School

Fantastic theme! The children thoroughly enjoyed writing their poems and stretching their imaginations!

Mrs A Mason, Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School

My year 5 class of students with autism enjoyed a week's English focus on poetry. They were all fully engaged with writing imaginative poems for the competition. Thank you! (P.S. They loved the video too!)

Miss Jennifer A. Phelps, City of Peterborough Academy Special School

The children have loved this competition. I never knew I had such amazing poets!

Faye Kemp, Hamford Primary School

Fantastic resources, an inspiration to myself and the children!

Mr Andrew White, Barkston & Syston CE Primary School

A truly wonderful motivation to get kids writing poetry!

Tracy Moore, Griffydam Primary School

This linked in perfectly with our BFG project. We have been making dream jars, dream stories and now poems! The children really enjoyed this and the resources were excellent. Thank you.

Mrs Rebecca Henry, Rasharkin Primary School

A fantastic opportunity for young poets of all abilities to express their feelings about complex topics.

Louise Stephenson-Uff (English Teacher), Saint Plus X Catholic High School

The young people who participated in this competition are currently disengaged from mainstream education. They found that participating in the competition helped them to express their own views and personal feelings, that they would normally find difficult to do! FANTASTIC!

Nicola Sullivan (Lead Youth Worker), Innovate Project

Students thoroughly enjoyed stretching their creative, poetic skills for this competition!

Rajveer Kaur Braich (English Teacher), The British Sikh School

A really engaging competition. Students enjoyed doing something different in their English lessons and it really allowed them to release some creativity! Fave students confidence in their writing abilities too. Thanks!

Nadine Darley, Alsager School

The year ones really enjoyed exploring whyme and learning to write rhyming couplets for this competition.

Mrs Sharon Landrey, Hogsthorpe Primary School

This is a fantastic competition that inspired even our most reluctant writers to get involved.

Natasha Evans, Glenbrook Primary School

A great selection of resources allowing for cross-curricular teaching with science senses/habitats. Great way to up level sentences using description and similes.

Mrs Rachel Underwood, Ellington Primary School

A fantastic competition! My year 9 students loved the challenge and it got their imagination and creativity running wild!

Joanna Hallatt, Whittington Green School

Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to encourage creativity. The children love having the experience of seeing their work in print! Amazing!

Jennifer Turner (Head of English), St David's College

This competition has reinforced the idea that every word and sentence matters in creative writing. For some of these students who are resitting their English GCSE it has been a good learning experience that they now apply to their work.

Kristina Joseph, Tech City College

We love your competitions, they are just the ticket needed to boost the students confidence and self-esteem in a subject that several of them struggle with. We love reading what they come up with too!

Leanne Chase, Ashford College

A fantastic way to motivate students to share their creativity with the public. It caused a real buzz in the school.

Natasha Rider, Chiswick School

The templates were a great idea to inspire the children.

Hollie Thomas, St Mary's Catholic Primary School

The children have been so engaged with the competition. It has been amazing to see a love of writing develop more fully.

Lauren Bore (Year 2 Lead), The Oaks Infant School

We have a very mixed group but they were all keen to have a go! The structured writing frame was a great support!

Anita Dee (English Subject Lead), St Catharine's Catholic Primary School

My pupils really enjoyed writing their stories and were all proud to be writing for a purpose!

Tracy Marr, Sanderson's Wynd Primary School

The children loved the story and idea of having their work published really inspired them!

Christie Foote, Longborough Church of England Primary School

Lovely idea to stimulate children's creativity and providing an audience for their writing.

Gemma Murray (Year 2 Teacher), Holy Trinity CE Primary School

The children really enjoyed the challenge of the mini-saga. Writing less, not more appealed to the less able group who felt they had excelled in this area. The engaging booklets were bright and engaging. We had a lovely afternoon of writing.

Kirsten Sowden (Year 5 Teacher), The Priory Primary School

Students really enjoyed the competition! Tasks were engaging and the planning sheet was useful for students of a variety of abilities.

Grace Hicken, Chase Terrace Technology College

Our children enjoyed this activity but many struggled to meet the 100 word limit. However it gave us a great teaching opportunity for choosing words wisely!

Mrs Alex Green (Literacy Leader), Cherry Tree Primary School

Inspiring for both girls and boys, which can be rare. The creative nature engaged every writer.

Lauren Murphy, Dollar Academy

The competition grabbed the children's interest. They made a huge effort, especially the children who usually find story writing challenging!

Gillian McDougall (Year 6 Teacher), Victoria Park Primary School

A very engaging stimulus. We made plasticine models of the crazy creatures before writing anything! By the time the models were made, the children had their story ideas ready to go!

Victoria Fraser (Head Teacher), Knowl Hill School

The children were all captured from the minute we watched the short video and were fully engaged throughout the task!

Tracey Black, Dunnottar Primary School

Such an inspiring activity for young children!

Alice Nash, Tickenham CE Primary School

A fantastic writing opportunity that really ignited pupils' imaginations and creativity.

Sonia Barber, Janet Duke Primary School

We sent this out as a homework activity to encourage parents to write with their child. Parents commented on how much they enjoyed it too!

Jenni Saward (Assistant Head), The Notley Green Primary School

The children really enjoyed the creativity of this task and being able to let their imaginations run. The 100 word limit gave them a great challenge.

Jilly Murray, Townhill Primary School

An enjoyable, motivating challenge. It was hard work keeping to the 100 word limit, my children wanted to write more!

Ms Karen Orr, Brediland Primary School

All of my pupils were really engaged in this activity. It was great to have examples to unpick in our English lessons.

Miss Stacey Banks, Sutton Upon Derwent CE VC Primary School

A great competition which inspired writing - especially the boys! It helped reluctant writers as they had a goal to work towards (100 words!).

Caitlin Christopher (Year 2 Teacher), Trinity Anglican-Methodist Primary School

A fun, exciting writing competition - all the children enjoyed taking part!

Ashley Birch, Kippax Ash Tree Primary School

A very motivating challenge for the children. The competition created a real buzz and excitement in the classroom!

Finola Jackson, Shocklach Oviatt CE Primary School

Imaginations were running riot in our class!!

Catherine Macdonald, St Wlumbkilles Primary School

This competition gave a real purpose to their writing. Brilliantly laid out format. Children loved the film clip and they all seemed to enjoy doing it.

Mrs Fullerton, Portessie Primary School

The children love writing stories and enjoyed the challenge of telling a story in just 100 words. This made them think carefully about the plot.

Andrew Cargill, St Marie's Primary School

The children at Brindley Heath were captivated by the idea of a mini saga.

Victoria Emmanuel, Brindley Heath Junior School

I have been amazed about how our students have engaged with the Busta-Rhyme competition. Many pupils now want to meet poet Hollie McNish and have been 'buzzing' about their poems!

Naomi Mitchell, Literacy Co-ordinator. Hemsworth Arts and Community Academy

Thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the competition with my class and teaching assistant. Our parents were so pleased that the children were excited about creative writing. So proud of all the children!

Louise Galloway, Pomphlett Primary

Competition linked well to literacy and made it fun for all the children.

Keira McCalean, St Patricks Primary School

Parents are proud to see their child's work published and from entering the Young Writers competitions we have started our own after school creative writing group!

Angela Roe

The competitions provide a focus for our themed writing projects with our partnership school in Kenya. Parents who saw their children collect their book on awards day felt very proud!

Fiona Casswell

Great! Really easy to follow, simple to deliver to children and the book was really glossy and easy to read!

Sharon Lomas

Your team were very helpful in regard to late entries and republishing.

Michelle Parker

It was an activity with a challenge, but supported and was appropriate for SEN pupils. Parents were delighted at having children's work published.

Vickie Joel

Giving the pupils the opportunity to get their work published is rewarding for the pupils, teachers and parents.

C. McKnight

The competition gives us a lot of pleasure teaching something so enjoyable. We love it! Thank you we have a collection!

Alex Bell-Fairclough

The book is lovely, a real inspiration for children. All the parents I have spoken to thought the competition was a great idea.

Stephanie Sims

Parents loved the idea of seeing their child's poem in print. The book encouraged the reading of poetry and it's a great asset to my class library. Pupils love reading the work of those they know.

Mary Dempsey

It is well organised and easy to take part in. Lovely recognition for children and parents and great to include nursery aged children!

Sarah Barry

Any child would be proud to have their work published in the book as it is a good challenge. It makes the children really think about word choices and impact.

Jo Norris

The pack is eye catching and fun, parents were so chuffed that their kids were involved, best idea ever!

Kim Granger

Engages pupils, promotes purpose for writing and a real audience.

Vashti Hildreth

We have been doing the competitions for many years. Parents have given us very positive feedback and said how memorable the books are.

Carey Swarbrick

The children involved thoroughly enjoyed seeing their work either on the display or in the book, and they enjoyed having it read back to them.

Mrs Shoebridge

The parents were delighted that the children took part and loved the finished product!

Ruth Wilson

Very good, it is a lovely resource for pre-school's to access again and again.

Lindsay Nelson

The children really enjoyed writing their poems and telling parents about it, it's a really good activity and it's also a good keepsake for the nursery.

Kim Stevens

Staff love taking part in these activities, we use them as a key group activity. It really encourages children to talk about their favourite things.

Pamela Harris-Whittle, Whizzkidds Playgroup

It was a great opportunity for the children to write for a purpose and audience! I loved the complimentary copy of the book, it was great to see what other schools did.

Beverley McCormick, Newbuildings Primary School, Londonderry

Parents really liked the whole concept and competition. Our complimentary copy of the book is a wonderful token for the school to keep.

Perran Gilbert, Oak Tree School

The competition promotes writing skills, improves confidence, praises children for their efforts and motivates children to work harder in the future.

A Qazi

'We enjoyed the experience very much - it adds a new dimension to English for all concerned and all keen to be involved again'

Sue Webb, Goole College

'This is brilliant! Thank you - the World Cup Activity Pack is just what I need to enthuse my Y6 SPLD group after SATS!'

Christian R (TES)

A wonderful way to introduce our youngest children to poetry and the written word.

Janet Lloyd, Little Treasures Playgroup

Pupils loved the competition. I even started a creative writing club after taking part!

Nichola Corner, The Belfast Model School

Wonderful complimentary book, it acts as a great promotion to new students at the school.

Carol Cumberbatch, St Gregory's Catholic Middle School

We would defiantly enter again! We are very proud of what the children achieved and enjoyed the whole process.

Beth Clark, Gilbrook School

Great to get the children involved early!

Florence Walker

This competition gave the children the chance to express themselves. I loved it, it's something I could take lead on to do with the children.

Sharon Parker

Our school have took part in the Young Writers competitions for a few years now and find them really beneficial for the children. It's a lovely keepsake for them to have.

Kimberley Crossland

"They (the competitions) are well organised and provide students with excellent opportunities to see their work published"

Gary Lycett

"The design/illustrations are very eye-catching and the book is just the right size. It's beautiful. The inside text is just a bit bigger than a book I've seen before which is very helpful. Very well presented, thank you!"

H Slater, Lodge Farm School

"Parents were thrilled and very proud of the fact that their child's poem was going to be published. It (the competition) really motivated children that usually are not excited about creative writing"

P Maplehouse

"The girls loved it (Poetopia) and I have been incredibly proud of all they have achieved"

I Parker, Lady Margaret School

"We are trying to promote writing for enjoyment and create a sense of pride in creating something unique. Competitions help motivate pupils and are out of ordinary class routine."

Natasha Smith

"Parents were very pleased and proud of their children"

W Teasdale, Diamond Hall ASC

"We were thrilled when we found out that Sherfield was third in ‘The Power of Poetry’ competition from 2013. We plan on bringing in a writer to do a workshop with our students in the summer term but in the meantime we are looking at the next competition and seeing what sort of entries we will be able to submit for that!"

Jess Haney, Head of English Sherfield School

Thanks for sharing! Your World Cup Activity Packa is really well prepared and it has been very helpful! :)

Marwst (TES username)

I was particularly impressed by the amount of peer-review that went on throughout the Superhero Stories project. Every time I went to observe the class working on their stories, they were comparing notes and ideas, and generally enthusing one-another with their creativity and imagination. You can envision what an accomplishment this is for a class in which the students are largely on the Autistic Spectrum.

K March, Milestone Academy

Very good comp, children enjoyed it and responded well

S Brine, Harmans Water Primary School

The Superhero Stories is a fantastic resource. I had decided to make comic books with my class and this was a great starting point. It gave us lots to discuss and supported children who had difficulty getting started!

Rangado (TES)

"We thought My Nursery Rhymes was a great idea to help develop children's early writing, the pack was lovely and very age-appropriate"

Ruth Wilson, Oakgrove Integrated Nursery

"We've received a lot of positive feedback [from My Nursery Rhymes] as it was great for the children's literacy skills and their poems being published was fantastic!"

Amie Dickson, Parkhead Community Nursery

“Thank you for this great resource. My Year 7 EAL students will really enjoy these activities” – (Referring to our Monster Poetry Resources on TES), 31st January 2014


“Excellent idea [My First Riddle Lesson Plan], thank you! Will follow on well from our work on adjectives too!”


"Things like this make a massive difference to us in school and I can't begin to tell you about the general uplift and interest in creative writing this whole experience has generated here at St. Bede's. For the competition, the online resources and especially today's books - THANK YOU!"

Mr Sharp, St Bede

I enjoyed looking at this resource and thinking of the ways I could use it. Some resources have only one specific function, so it was good to have one with multiple uses. Thanks, Fletch (Referring to our Farm Storyboard on TES), 17th March 2014


Really helpful Poetry Glossary - as is the website!!


"I thought it appropriate to let you know how fantastic such competitions are for those of us 'on the ground'. Having entered the Power of Poetry in late 2013, I was able to utilise the ready-made resources and adapt them for various literacy groups. It certainly generated a buzz for poetry and for competition. For our purposes it was a great success. As soon as I received the email about The Poetry Games, I knew that it would have the potential to reach even more of our students. I have had teachers and students alike praising the competition and resources: given staff feedback from the last time I was able to ensure that they were differentiated on a higher level. I am thrilled to say I have been given a pack of 23 poems from a class made up of mostly boys - a clear indication to me that this is having a real impact on raising boys' interest in poetry and indeed literacy. The total entry number for this competition is 96, which is significantly greater than our last entry and represents nearly 20% of our cohort. That the poems have been delivered to me on pristine paper as opposed to slightly dog-eared copies shows a pride in their work. Please continue to devise such excellent competitions and opportunities."

Miss R Wood, Literacy Co-Ordinator, University of Chester Academy Northwich

The Superhero Stores Extension Pack is just what I was looking for! Thank you.