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I was very impressed by the quality of the poems that I read in 'The Poetry Games'. There was so much power, passion, thoughtfulness, and emotion contained within those poems. We tend to think that the young people of today just seem to pass through life without a care in the world, but after reading the poems contained in the book, I now know otherwise. These young people are very much aware of key social issues, with each individual negotiating their way through life in their own unique way. I felt privileged that my own son had his work published in the book. Thank you for opening a window into the minds of young people in Birmingham. May the good work continue year after year!


Krystle’s work being published has helped her grow in confidence and she has been able to show off her writing talents. She loves reading and reads all the time. She wants to be a writer like Lauren Child, who she was fortunate enough to meet at a book signing at the National Trust. We are immensely grateful for the opportunity and interest the competitions have sparked in Krystle and the joy and pride in showing the book(s) to her grandparents and Headteacher and Class teacher. She was thrilled that she could share her poem with the class and that a photo with the poem was tweeted on the class twitter page. We are grateful for all your hard work bringing smiles to little faces, and joy. Thank you for your efforts it is really appreciated not only by the children but by parents who can be proud of achievements their children at a young age.


Thank you for all your hard work in putting together a great book!As a teacher and a mother I see both sides of how fantastic the benefits are for the children whose work you publish. Alfie has struggled a good deal with English so it was a huge confidence boost for him to be chosen to have his poem published. I cannot thank you enough. As for Alfie, he thoroughly enjoyed showing his sisters his published poem! Thank you sincerely


We are absolutely thrilled and blown away that our son's story has been chosen to be included in ‘Superhero Adventures – Creative Capers’.

Octavia Orchard

Fantastic idea for grandparents!

Sammi Gillham

"Great new and exciting website ... Good place to encourage young writers and get them off their iPads"

Mrs A Merrick

"I find it extremely rare to find the level of customer service that my mother and I have received from yourselves, and we would thus like to send our sincere thanks. We are very impressed. Having lived in London for a year now, I find it unique for service providers to surpass their mandate!"

Bradley Marshall

"Well done also all of you for the work in helping the children to be able to make nice achievements like this one, it is a brilliant encouragement for them. Well done!!!"

L Zandonadi

"We were overjoyed to hear that Cameron's poem was chosen as best in the publication. Cameron worked really hard on his poem and he was thrilled when he received his book token"

Debbie Gilray

"This has boosted Max's self-confidence tremendously. We remember the difficult moments we have had encouraging Max to pick up a pencil and write, to get to this is just wonderful!" - referring to the publication of Max's poem.

Mrs Newman