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Title: Olympic Poems - 100% Unofficial!
Author: Brian Moses and Roger Stevens
Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books
ISBN: 9781509812240
Published Date: 2nd June 2016
RRP: £4.99

There are poems about winning, and about taking part; poems about having all the right kit, but no talent; poems that show that it if you are at school being the best egg and spoon racer really is as important to your mum and dad as being an Olympic athlete; poems about being a team player and poems about being an individual hero. In fact, this book is packed with sporting gems of all kinds.

Title: Jelly Boots Smelly Boots
Author: Michael Rosen
Publisher: Bloomsbury Children's Books
ISBN: 9781408873434
Published Date: 22nd September 2016
RRP: £14.99

A riotous celebration of words – silly words, funny words, words you only use in your own family, new words, old words, and the very best words in the right order.

Packed with silly rhymes, witty wordplay and thought-provoking story poems, this new collection of poems will delight children of all ages. Michael Rosen is the bestselling author of We're Going on a Bear Hunt, along with many other picture books and collections of poetry. 

Title: It's Not My Fault
Author: Roger Stevens and Steve Withrow
Publisher: A&C Black Childrens & Educational
ISBN: 9781472919960
Published Date: 11th August 2016
RRP: £5.99

"It wasn't me-or was it He,
My evil, evil, evil twin?
I didn't mean to be so mean.
There goes my evil twin again."

Join poets Roger Stevens and Steven Withrow for this magical mixture of poems. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious there's something here for everyone. Just remember though - whatever happens...
it's not my fault!

Title: Poetry pie
Author: Roger McGough
Publisher: Puffin Poetry
ISBN: 9780141356860
Published Date: 1st October 2015
RRP: £6.99

There are over 50 poems in this hugely enjoyable poetry collection with themes ranging from food and animals to school and ghouls. As always, Roger Mcgough's poems are full of wit and wisdom, with word play, puns and sharp observations on all aspects of life. He's even included his own unique line drawings which are full of humour and pathos. Children are sure to ask for another slice of this brand new poetry pie! 

Title: Dinosaurs and Dinnerladies
Author: John Dougherty
Publisher: Otter-Barry Books
ISBN: 9781910959565
Published Date: August 2016
RRP: £6.99

In dining halls of long ago
When dinosaurs sat down to dine,
Did prehistoric dinner-ladies
Keep them all in line?

What’s the REAL reason the dinosaurs died out? Can anyone rescue Class 3 from the wild dinner-ladies? And what will happen when Class 2M meet a lion?
An hilarious debut collection of poems from the author of the bestselling Stinkbomb and Ketchup-Face books, John Dougherty plus wonderful illustrations by Tom Morgan-Jones.

Title: Adder, Bluebell, Lobster
Author: Chrissie Gittins
Publisher: Otter-Barry Books
ISBN: 9781910959558
Published Date: August 2016
RRP: £6.99

Watch out for bossy Beetroot! Be enchanted by a Bluebell witch’s thimble and spot a dive-bombing Lark or a cute Great-Crested Newt.
From Adder to Wren, forty fantastic poems celebrate forty amazing animals, birds and plants and their beautiful names – which you can help poet Chrissie Gittins save from extinction.
This is nature close up, exciting – and wild!

A fantastic poetry book with fab illustrations by Paul Bommer.

Title: Lost Magic: The Very Best of Brian Moses
Author: Brian Moses
Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books
ISBN: 9781910959558
Published Date: 8th September 2016
RRP: £12.99

Lost Magic contains over 100 of Brian Moses' favourite poems including 'Walking With My Iguana', 'The Ssssnake Hotel', 'Shopping Trolley', 'Billy's Coming Back', 'A Feather from an Angel', 'Lost Magic', 'Cakes in the Staffroom', and 'The Friendship Bench' plus 20 new poems.

A fantastic read for all ages!

Title: Revolting Rhymes
Author: Roald Dahl
Publisher: Puffin Books
ISBN: 9781910959558
Published Date: 1st September 2016
RRP: £6.99

I bet you think you know this story.
You don't. The real one's much more gory.

From Cinderella and Goldilocks to Little Red Riding Hood and the Three Little Pigs, wicked beasts, brazen crooks and a ghastly giant star in these hilarious nursery rhymes with BITE!!

Title: Dancing in the Rain
Author: John Lyons
Publisher: Peepal Tree Press
ISBN: 9781910959558
Published Date: October 2015
RRP: £5.99

Dancing in the Rain is shortlisted for the prestigious CLPE Award (CLiPPA)  – the only award for poetry published for children!

Fans of John Lyons’ lively and appealing style will not be disappointed in this illustrated collection of poems for younger readers aged 7-11. 

A breath of Caribbean fresh air, these poems are humorous, beautifully crafted, and perfectly pitched to their audience, though readers of any age will enjoy his painterly use of language. Lyons conjures up vivid images, situations and emotions which appeal both for their universality and their newness, as he examines and comments upon the world around him with wit and empathy.


Title: Falling Out of the Sky
Author: Edited by Rachel Piercey and Emma Wright
Publisher: The Emma Press
ISBN: 9781910959558
Published Date: June 2015
RRP: £8.50

Falling Out Of The Sky is a treasury of poems which retell classic myths, legends and fairytales from across the world. Hansel and Gretel’s witch takes us behind the scenes of the construction of her gingerbread cottage, and Medusa explains how the snakes on her head rule out a lot of options in everyday life – wearing a hat, for example.

Full of alternate viewpoints and spirited new versions of old stories, Falling Out The Sky is a friendly introduction to poetry as well as the joy of literature. In tales about the beginning of time to the end of the world, poets and characters speak directly to the readers, reveling in the possibilities of storytelling. These are poems which parents can read aloud to younger children, and which older children can read to themselves, delighting in the mischief and invention of the poets.

Falling Out Of The Sky was shortlisted for the 2016 CLiPPA children’s poetry award.

Title: I Don't Like Poetry
Author: Joshua Seigal
Publisher: A&C Black Childrens & Educational
ISBN: 9781910959558
Published Date: 22nd September 2016
RRP: £5.99

"I'm a lovely little poem.
I'm snoozing in your book.
I'm like a dainty dragonfly - 
Come and have a look."

With poems on every topic from the power of books to the joys of fried chicken, this collection is packed with Joshua Seigal's subversive humour and insight into the world of children.