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We Were Liars
by E.Lockhart

Author: E.Lockhart
RRP: £7.99

We Were Liars is probably one of the most anticipated books of 2014, and has received a lot of varied opinions and reviews to go with it. It was either completely loved by a reader, or it was really hated, so when I first picked it up I was nervous as well as filled with excitement to get started.

The story revolves around a girl who spends almost every summer at Beechwood Island, along with her family and a group of friend, known as the liars. One year, Summer fifteen, our main protagonist is left without a clue of what had happened to her during her time on the island, and has to regain her memory of it in order to understand everything properly.

For the first 50 or so pages, the book seemed to be going nowhere and both characters and plot were undeveloped, I was definitely confused and slightly bored, but as it progressed it became so much clearer and my opinion had changed within an second. I was on the edge of my seat, for what felt like quite a while.

As the story drew to a close, I was left with such a shock, I had to go back and read it twice just to be certain that i had read it correctly. I was so touched by the ending that my eyes were quickly welling up with tears. I had to leave it for a few minutes just to take it all in. Possibly one of the best ending to a book I ever seen, so powerful and unexpected. Wow, just wow!

Although I didn't enjoy the beginning, the development and the ending made up for it greatly. Amazing! Highly recommend!

Chloe Lauren (16)