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The Fault In Our Stars
by John Green

Author: John Green
RRP: £7.99

The Fault In Our Stars is a heart-wrenching tale of two cancer sufferers, finding love despite their inevitable fate.

Hazel Grace Lancaster suffers with terminal thyroid cancer which affects the lungs, therefore she always has an oxygen tank trailing after her. As a result of her diagnosis a few years back, she has pretty much isolated herself from society and doesn't really have a social life, just sitting at home watching America's Next Top Model, going to the Support Group, and occasionally going to the Mall with Kaitlyn, her one friend she hasn't lost contact with but doesn't speak to often, and having liquid pumped out her lungs.

One day at her Support Group she meets an attractive guy named Augustus, or Gus. Hazel is soon ensnared by his witty charm and good looks, she confides in him and has a close relationship with him, she has never had before apart from her parents. It is obvious about her clear addiction to a certain book, actually to say addiction is an understatement, she is clearly in love with it. She can relate to the main character, Anna, another cancer sufferer, and the book is her handbook and guide to life, her bible. But much to her disappointment, the story ends mid-sentence, a reason for her longing to meet its author, Peter Van Houten. And this obsession, inspires a trip to Amsterdam, which quickly spirals into a romantic one, after Mr Van Houten turns out to be a huge disappointment. These star-crossed lovers with little time left, spend their time together, sharing unforgettable moments, and great memories.

This is a book metaphorically thrown at the young adult target audience, appealing to them in every way, also hooking adults in its rueful passage. I would recommend this book to anyone as it could soften the hardest of hearts, and make an unfeeling person emotional.

Hosea Nsona (13)