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by Melissa Pearl

Author: Melissa Pearl
RRP: £8.00

Betwixt is a dramatic story with a lot of funny moments as well as a few sad stories about a girl called Nichole. After Nicole's sister dies she deals with the grief by getting in with the wrong crowd at high school. They party all night, steal, and back stab. When Nicole is ditched in the middle of nowhere she gets hit by a car while trying to hitch a ride. When she wakes up she’s at home and safe in her bed but soon realizes that no one can see or hear her except Dale Finnegan a boy who her and her 'friends' had been nothing but mean to. Eventually she manages to convince him to help her. Things take a turn for the worse when they realize that the guy who hit her with his car is in fact looking for her body to finish the job and hide the body. Nicole and Dale need to find her body which is easier said than done when The sheriff and all Nichole’s 'Friends' reckon she’s done a runner.

The story is written from Nichole’s point of view which allows you to feel as though you are there and really understand how she is feeling. I like the story and I think there are a few important lessons to be learnt from it. Such as not everyone is the way they seem. Nichole seems like a bully at first but you soon find out she’s actually quiet sweet where as Nichole's 'friends' seem nice but turn out to be quite nasty. It also teaches us that family is important and that we should talk to them and let them know how we feel not shut them out and suffer on our own.

My favourite part of the story is when Nichole and Dale are in prison and Nichole has to try and get Dale out. I liked this part because Nichole didn't think she could do any of the stuff Dale was asking her to do, such as pick things up, but Dale never stopped encouraging her and she never gave up which I think is really important.

Tia Flanagan (13)